Injury attorney Darryl Isaacs no longer suing driver who hit him in River Roadway crash

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Louisville personal injury attorney Darryl Isaacs is no more taking legal action against the driver who struck him in a mishap on River Road last year.
l3 Last week, a Jefferson circuit judge dismissed Michael Baumann of Floyds Knobs, Ind., from the fit Isaacs submitted in January.

The fit still looks for damages from 3 insurance coverage companies and an insurance agent.

Isaacs got a busted neck and head injuries on Jan. 19, 2015, when he was struck from behind by a driver on River Road in Louisville.

Isaacs was on his bike at the time, stopped and waiting making a turn onto Indian Hills Trail, according to his suit.

As an outcome of the crash, Isaacs sustained “various serious and irreversible physical injuries,” according to the suit. The match says Isaacs, “sustained and will remain to sustain in the future needed expenses for health center, medical and rehabilitative care, has lost earnings and has actually sustained irreversible injuries and long-term impairment of his power to labor and generate income.”.

To name a few things, the suit is seeking that the insurance coverage companies pay Isaacs and his wife $4.5 million, plus interest.

Isaacs is understood to tv audiences as “The Hammer” or “The Heavy Hitter” and has actually appeared in advertisements on WDRB. His firm has actually represented thousands of people who have actually been hurt in accidents.

WDRB News consulted with Isaacs in Feb. 2015, after the mishap.

“I keep in mind being struck,” Isaacs said at that time. “You understand, I knew immediately that I was injured pretty bad.”.

The accident left Isaacs with a busted neck and some major head injuries.

“The common style is that I am lucky to be alive and I’m fortunate that I can use my extremities which I am walking and that I did not have mental retardation,” he stayed.


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